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Nimodipine already contains a Boxed Warning and other statements in the prescribing information to warn against intravenous use of nimodipine. The prescribing information also provides clear instructions on how to remove the liquid contents from the capsules for nasogastric tube administration in patients who are unable to swallow.

If you take nimodipine and are concerned, please talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional. If you think you are experiencing side effects from nimodipine, please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

You can report any side effects from the use of nimodipine or any other medicine to the FDA MedWatch program by phone at 1-800-332-1088; by fax at 1-800-332-0178; by mail at MedWatch, FDA, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787; or on the MedWatch website at

FDA Warns: Nimodipine Is for Oral or Feeding Tube Use Only

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a reminder that nimodipine should be given ONLY by mouth or through a feeding tube (nasogastric tube). This oral medication should NEVER be given by intravenous administration (an injection through the vein).

Nimodipine is a medicine intended to be given in a hospital critical care setting to treat complications of the nervous system from subarachnoid hemorrhage (ruptured blood vessels in the brain). Nimodipine is only available as a capsule.

The FDA continues to receive reports of intravenous nimodipine use, with serious, sometimes fatal, outcomes. Intravenous injection of nimodipine can result in death, cardiac arrest, severe drops in blood pressure, and other heart-related complications.

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Source: FDA
Publication Date: 2010-08-05
Last Updated: 2010-08-05

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