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This recall for Vicks Sinex Spray was issued at a warehouse and retail level only. The FDA and the manufacturer have determined that any recalled product that may have been purchased by consumers does not pose a significant health risk. However, you may wish to check your medicine cabinet to see if you have any of the recalled Vicks SInex Spray product. Since it may not meet the expiration date on the package and may have floating particles, you may wish to stop using it and throw it away. If you think you are experiencing side effects from your medicine or if you have other concerns, please follow up with your doctor.

Proctor & Gambles Recalls Select Lots of Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray

Proctor & Gamble has recalled several lots of its nasal decongestant Vicks Sinex Spray because the product formulation may not meet the expiration dates on the package. The recalled lots also may contain floating particles of chlorhexidine, a preservative used to prevent the growth of bacteria. The recalled product was distributed under the labels 1) Vicks Sinex VapoSpray, 4 Hour Decongestant, 2) Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray, For Sinus Relief, and 3) Vicks Sinex Ultra Fine Mist, For Sinus Relief.

The following lots were involved in the recall: 01171720K1 0117PR; 00601720K1 0060PR; 00571720K1 0057PR; 00511720K1 0051PR; 00461720K1 0046PR; 93271720K1 9327PR; 93151720K1 9315PR; 92921720K1 9292PR; 92901720K1 9290PR; 92721720K1 9272PR; 92611720K1 9261PR; 92601720K1 9260PR; 92591720K1 9259PR; 92311720K1 9231PR; 92271720K1 9227PR; 92261720K1 9226PR; 92081720K1 9208PR; 91821720K1 9182PR; 91801720K1 9180PR; 91601720K1 9160PR; 91381720K1 9138PR; 90781720K1 9078PR; 90761720K1 9076PR; 90491720K1 9049PR; 90481720K1 9048PR; 90191720K1 9019PR; 83241720K1 8324PR; 83231720K1 8323PR; 83181720K1 8318PR; 82941720K1 8294PR; 82911720K1 8291PR; 82521720K1 8252PR; 82491720K1 8249PR; 82481720K1 8248PR; 82241720K1 8224PR; 82011720K1 8201PR; 82001720K1 8200PR; 81991720K2 8199PR; 81851720K2 8185PR; 81851720K1 8185PR; 81431720K1 8143PR; 81421720K1 8142PR; 80771720K1 8077PR; 73371720K1 7337PR; 73161720K1 7316PR; 73061720K1 7306PR; 72911720K1 7291PR; 72841720K1 7284PR; 72601720K1 7260PR; 72561720K1 7256PR; 72281720K2 7228PR; 72231720K1 7223PR; and 72221720K1 7222PR.

The Vicks Sinex Sprays are used to treat nasal symptoms from colds and allergies. This recall alert only applies to the select lots of Vicks Sinex Spray. No other allergy or cold products were involved in this recall.

To view the FDA notice about this recall, please visit: more information here

Source: FDA
Publication Date: 2010-08-16
Last Updated: 2010-08-16

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