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The safety of hormone replacement therapy was first questioned in 2002 and this new study adds to the concerns about the use of hormone replacement therapy. Because hormone replacement therapy is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and other serious conditions, most doctors prescribe this medication for short periods of time. That said, women who are using or considering taking hormone replacement therapy to manage the symptoms of menopause need to weigh the risks and benefits in the light of severity of symptoms and discuss them with their doctors on a regular basis.

Hormone Replacement Therapy After Menopause Associated with Higher Risk of Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that among post-menopausal women, the use of oral estrogen and progestin is not only linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, but the kind of aggressive breast cancers that have higher rates of death.

Estrogen plus progestin is a common combination of hormone replacement therapy prescribed to women to help with post-menopausal symptoms. In the U.S., oral hormone replacement therapy is sold as a combination medicine containing conjugated estrogens with medroxyprogesterone (Prempro, Premphase) as well as single ingredient medicines containing estrogens and single ingredient medicines containing progestin. Single ingredient estrogen products include conjugated estrogens (Cenestin, Enjuvia, Premarin), estrogens esterified (Menest), and estradiol (Estrace, Climara, Vivelle and others). Single ingredient progestin products include medroxyprogesterone (Provera, Cycrin) and progesterone (Prometrium).

This study did not evaluate the risk of hormone replacement therapy that is applied as a topical vaginal cream.

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Source: MediGuard CRT
Publication Date: 2010-10-21
Last Updated: 2010-10-23
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