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If you or someone you care for uses Betaseron, please remember that Betaseron is not contaminated and you may continue to use this medicine as your doctor has directed. However, you should immediately stop using the Triad alcohol prep pads included in the Betaseron packaging and dispose of those pads in the trash. When preparing to take the Betaseron injection, you should use an alternative alcohol prep pad that is not subject to this Triad recall or use a sterile gauze pad with isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting the injection site prior to administration.

If you have additional questions, please consult with your pharmacist or healthcare provider or contact BETAPLUS at 1-800-788-1467 option 1 to speak to a BETA Nurse. Or call Bayer at 1-888-84-BAYER (1-888-842-2937), where operators will be available 24 hours a day to respond to questions from consumers or medical professionals.

Bayer Informs Customers of Important Information About Alcohol Prep Pads in Betaseron Kits

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals has become aware of the U.S. market recall of alcohol prep pads, alcohol swabs, and alcohol swabsticks manufactured by Triad and marketed under various brand names. The recall of the Triad Group alcohol prep products is due to potential contamination of these products with bacteria that could lead to life-threatening infections.

The Triad Group alcohol prep pads are co-packaged and distributed for use with Betaseron in the U.S. Patients should not use these Triad alcohol prep pads due to the recall. There is no involvement or potential contamination of the Betaseron vial or other components in the Betaseron U.S. packaging. This issue is limited to the actual Triad alcohol prep products.

For more information, please visit: more information here

Further information about the Triad Group recall can be found on the FDA website at

more information here

Source: FDA
Publication Date: 2011-01-21
Last Updated: 2011-02-01

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