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If you are using cimetidine oral solution, check your bottle to find out who made your product. The manufacturer and NDC number should be listed on the bottle or the prescription label. If you think your medication is made by Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc., you should discard this medication after the correct expiration date of October 2009, rather than the incorrect date provided on the label. If you are not sure who has made your medication, you can take your bottle to your pharmacist for them to check.

National Recall of Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc. Brand Cimetidine Oral Solution

A single generic manufacturer, Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc. has issued a nationwide recall of prescription cimetidine oral solution, a medicine used to treat heartburn. The oral solution is being recalled because the expiration date is incorrectly coded as "09/10", rather than the correct expiration, "10/09." This recall pertains specifically to: Pharmaceutical Associates Inc., cimetidine oral solution, NDC 0121-0649-16, Lot number: 8D78.

Cimetidine oral solution available from other manufacturers is not included in this recall.

Source: Manufacturer
Publication Date: 2009-04-10
Last Updated: 2009-12-05

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