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Since improper storage can affect how well Insulin Detemir works, this alert should be taken seriously. If you are using Insulin Detemir, please check your supply of insulin to determine if you have Levemir insulin from one of the following lots: XZF0036, XZF0037, or XZF0038. You can locate the lot number on the side of the box of insulin or the side of the vial. Do not use your Levemir insulin if it is from one of these lots. If you have Levemir insulin from one of these lots or do not know the lot number of your Levemir insulin vials, please take your vials to your pharmacy as soon as possible to examine and possibly exchange. For more information about these stolen vials, you can also contact the Novo Nordisk Customer Care Center at 1-800-727-6500.

If you think you are experiencing side effects related to your insulin, please follow up with you doctor as soon as possible.

Select Lots of Levemir Insulin (Insulin Detemir [rDNA origin] Injection) Reported Stolen

The U.S. FDA has learned that stolen vials of the long-acting insulin Levemir, 10 mL vials made by Novo Nordisk Inc. have reappeared and are being sold in the U.S. market. These stolen insulin vials may not have been stored and handled properly and may be dangerous for patients to use.

The following lots of Levemir insulin have been reported stolen and should not be used: XZF0036, XZF0037, and XZF0038.

Levemir, also called insulin detemir [rDNA origin], is a long-acting insulin used in the treatment of diabetes.

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Source: FDA
Publication Date: 2009-06-15
Last Updated: 2009-12-05

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