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Since using these recalled Accusure Insulin Syringes may make the administration of insulin more difficult and could cause you to receive an incorrect dose of insulin, this recall should be taken seriously. Look at your syringes to see if they are Accusure Insulin Syringes and find the "lot" number printed on the box or packaging. You can find the lot number on the white paper backing of each individual syringe. If your syringes are Accusure Insulin Syringes and have a lot number that matches lot number 6JCB1 or 7CPT1, please stop using them and contact Qualitest at 1-800-444-4011 for product replacement instructions. If you are not sure who has made your syringes, or cannot find a "lot" number, please take your syringes and packaging to your pharmacist for them to check.

Recall of Two Lots of Accusure Insulin Syringes

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is recalling two lots of Accusure Insulin Syringes. The syringes in these lots have been found to have needles which can detach from the syringe. When the needle becomes detached from the syringe during use, it can become stuck in the insulin vial, push back into the syringe, or remain in the skin after an injection.

This recall applies to the following Accusure Insulin Syringe lot numbers: Accusure Insulin Syringes (1/2 cc 31 G Short Needle) with lot number 6JCB1 (Expiration 10/2011)

Accusure Insulin Syringes (1 cc 31 G Short Needle) with lot number 7CPT1 (Expiration 03/2012)

Only Accusure syringes from these two lot numbers are the subject of the recall.

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Source: FDA
Publication Date: 2009-08-26
Last Updated: 2009-12-05

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