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Crystals can be sharp and possibly cause damage to the skin if present when the Lac-Hydrin lotion or cream is applied. If you use Lac-Hydrin cream or lotion, please check your container to see if it is made by Ranbaxy and labeled with one lot numbers involved in the recall: Lot # RB704301, RB710701, RB692601. If you think your Lac-Hydrin is involved in the recall, or if you do not know, please return your container to your pharmacist to examine and possibly exchange. If your doctor provided you with your Lac-Hydrin, please follow up with him or her if you think your Lac-Hydrin is involved in the recall.

If you have any questions or concerns about this recall, please follow up with your doctor or pharmacist. If you think you may be experiencing side effects from Lac-Hydrin, please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Three Lots of Lac-Hydrin Recalled

Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals is recalling three lots of Lac-Hyrin (ammonium lactate) products. These lots are being recalled because the Lac-Hydrin may form crystals. The following products are being recalled: 1) Lac-Hydrin (ammonium lactate) Lotion, 12%, 400 g bottle, NDC 10631-098-14; Lot # RB704301, Exp 08/11

2) Lac-Hydrin (ammonium lactate) Lotion, 12%, 225 g bottle. Physician Sample Not For Sale; Lot # RB710701, Exp 06/11

3) Lac-Hydrin (ammonium lactate) Cream, 12%, 385 g bottle, Rx only, NDC 0072-5730-38; Lot # RB692601, Exp 06/11

Lac-Hydrin is used for dry, scaly, itchy, and red skin. No other brands or strengths of Lac-Hydrin or ammonium lactate products were involved in this recall.

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Source: FDA
Publication Date: 2009-10-18
Last Updated: 2009-12-05

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