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Patients who have been prescribed Mifeprex should review the FDA webpage "Mifeprex Question and Answers" and the Mifeprex Medication Guide. If you have any questions or concerns about Mifeprex, please follow up with your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Updated "Mifeprex Question and Answers" on FDA Website

The FDA has recently updated the "Mifeprex Question and Answers" webpage published on the FDA website. This webpage informs patients about how to safely use this product by answering common questions about Mifeprex and providing a link to the Medication Guide for Mifeprex.

Mifeprex contains the active ingredient mifepristone, a drug that blocks a hormone called progesterone that is needed for pregnancy to continue. Mifepristone, when used together with another medicine called misoprostol, is used to end an early pregnancy (49 days or less since the last menstrual period began).

For more information: FDA Webpage: more information here

Mifeprex Medication Guide: more information here

Source: FDA
Publication Date: 2010-03-01
Last Updated: 2010-03-01

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