Safety Alerts & Recalls

Alerts for Ezetimibe with Simvastatin

Title Date Published Source
Healthcare Professionals Given Latest Summary of Benefits and Risks of Statins 2014-06-06
Drug Induce Liver Injury Poses Challenge for Health Professionals 2013-10-04
New Study Links Statins to a Small Increase in the Risk of Muscle Disease or Injury 2013-06-06
Study Suggests Some Statin Drugs Increase Older Patients’ Risk of Diabetes 2013-05-29
MHRA Publishes Patient Article on Recent Simvastatin Dose Changes 2012-10-30
Healthcare Professionals Informed of Updated Interaction Advice for Simvastatin 2012-08-24
TGA Issues Statement about Statin Safety Review 2012-03-03
TGA Reviewing Safety of Statins 2012-03-01
FDA Provides Safety Advice for Statins 2012-02-28
Las Estatinas Relacionadas Con Un Aumento De Azúcar En Sangre Y Diabetes En Algunos Pacientes 2012-01-27
Statins Linked to Raised Blood Sugar and Diabetes in Some Patients 2012-01-16
FDA Revises Dose Limitation for Zocor (simvastatin) When Taken with Amiodarone 2011-12-15
TGA Recommends Dose Limits for Simvastatin 2011-12-05
Neue Studie legt das Auftreten von Diabetes durch Behandlung mit Statinen nahe 2011-07-07
Une nouvelle étude suggère que les statines à dose élevée peuvent causer un diabète 2011-07-06
Un Nuevo Estudio Propone Que Dosis Altas De Estatinas Pueden Causar Diabetes 2011-07-05
New Study Suggests High-Dose Statins May Cause Diabetes 2011-06-29
New Study Suggests High-Dose Statins May Cause Diabetes 2011-06-23
FDA Limits Use of 80 mg Simvastatin 2011-06-08
Product Information For Simvastatin (Zocor) and Simvastatin Combined With Ezetimibe (Inegy) Warns About Risks of Muscle Pain and Weakness 2010-06-08
FDA: Ongoing Safety Review of High-Dose Simvastatin (Zocor) and Increased Risk of Muscle Injury 2010-03-19
Statin Benefits Still Outweigh New Safety Information 2010-02-17
Follow-up to the FDA's Ongoing Safety Review of Ezetimibe/Simvastatin (marketed as Vytorin), Simvastatin (marketed as Zocor) and Ezetimibe (marketed as Zetia) 2009-12-23
FDA Issues Final Review of ENHANCE Study 2009-01-09
FDA Is Reviewing Results From a Recent Clinical Trial of Vytorin 2008-08-22
Combination use can lead to rare condition of muscle damage 2008-08-08
Preliminary results from the SEAS trial 2008-07-23
Early communication regarding ongoing FDA review 2008-01-27
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