Safety Alerts & Recalls

Alerts for Diphenhydramine

Title Date Published Source
Recordati Pharma ruft eine Charge Betadorm D Tabletten zurück 2014-03-04
Warnings on the Use of Cold Medicine in Kids 2013-08-07
Kinderärzte warnen vor Nebenwirkungen durch Husten- und Erkältungsmittel für Kinder, die Antihistaminika enthalten 2012-11-08
FDA Advises Doctors to Contact Patients Who Were Given Any Injectable Medicine Made by NECC after May 21, 2012 2012-10-17
Une nouvelle étudea montré que le fait de combiner des médicaments couramment utilisés peut entraîner un risque accru de décès et un déclin de la fonction cérébrale 2011-07-06
Nuevo Estudio: La Combinación De Medicamentos Usados Comúnmente Se Ha Relacionado Con Un Riesgo Más Alto De Muertes Y En Una Disminución En La Función Cerebral 2011-06-29
New Study: Combining Commonly Used Drugs Linked to a Greater Risk of Death and Declining Brain Function 2011-06-29
New Study: Combining Commonly Used Drugs Linked to a Greater Risk of Death and Declining Brain Function 2011-06-24
McNeil Recalls 10 Lots of OTC Products, Including Tylenol 8 Hour, Tylenol Arthritis Pain, Tylenol Sinus, Benadryl and Sudafed PE Products 2011-03-31
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Initiates Voluntary Recall of Certain Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products 2011-01-18
McNeil Issues Another Recall: Children's Benadryl Allergy Fastmelt Tablets 2010-11-24
McNeil Expands Recall To Include Additional Lots of Benadryl Allergy Ultratab, Children's Tylenol Meltaways, Motrin, IB, Tylenol Extra Strength, and Tylenol PM 2010-07-11
McNeil Expands Recall To Include Benadryl Allergy Ultratab Tablets and Extra Strength Tylenol Rapid Release Gels 2010-06-16
Serious Side Effects from Swallowing Topical Benadryl Product 2010-05-12
What Consumers Need to Know About Recalled Liquid Products for Children 2010-05-06
Voluntary Recall of Certain Liquid Children's and Infants' Tylenol Motrin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl Products 2010-05-03
Recall of Several Brands of Diphenhydramine HCL 25 mg Capsules 2010-03-16
Voluntary Recall of Certain Lots of McNeil Over-the-Counter Products 2010-01-15
Medication Error: Benadryl Itch Stopping Gel Mistaken for Benadryl Oral Liquid 2008-12-15
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