25,065 members with Allergies

Allergies are disorders of the immune system that result in the body reacting to normally harmless substances known as allergens. Although some people may develop life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) to particular foods or medicines, the most common allergies - such as hay fever (seasonal rhinitis) and contact dermatitis usually cause mild but often bothersome symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose and rashes.

Top Medications used by MediGuard members with this condition:



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Name Patients Severity
Allegra 4% Moderate
Clarinex 4% Moderate
Flonase 4% Moderate
Zyrtec 4% Moderate
Astelin 4% Moderate
Epinephrine 4% Moderate
Budesonide Nasal 4% Moderate
Zaditor 4% Moderate
Allegra D 4% Moderate
Claritin 4% Moderate
Claritin-D 4% Moderate
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