Our Clinical Review Team

MediGuard has established a Clinical Review Team (CRT) to oversee the scientific aspects of our service in general, including the review of processes used to assign risk ratings, trigger safety alerts, and facilitate research.

The CRT is currently composed of five technical experts in the fields of medicine, biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, and evidence-based medicine:

  • Judith Jones, MD, PhD, FISPE: licensed in Internal Medicine/Geriatrics, Dr. Jones has served in multiple roles at the FDA and is currently a Senior Consultant in the field of drug safety.
  • David Goldsmith, MD, FISPE: initially trained in Pediatric Nephrology, Dr. Goldsmith has extensive experience working in the Safety Group within a major pharmaceutical company and is currently a Senior Consultant in the area drug safety.
  • Kathleen Lohr, PhD: Dr. Lohr has over 30 years of health policy expertise at organizations such as The Rand Corporation, the Institute of Medicine and RTI International. She is the founding Director of the RTI-University of North Carolina Evidence-based Practice Center.
  • David Madigan, PhD: trained in statistics, Dr. Madigan is currently a Professor of Statistics at Columbia University in New York.
  • Eleanor Vogt, RPh, PhD: Dr. Vogt is a pharmacist and educator who has worked in a variety of clinical settings. She is currently a Health Sciences Clinical Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Pharmacy; her areas of interest and research are health policy, community pharmacy and patient safety.
  • David Collier, MBBS, PhD: Dr. Collier has extensive experience in clinical research including work on the large cardiovascular outcomes study ASCOT and the community health intervention for hypertension study called HiLo. He is currently employed by Queen Mary College, University of London, School of Medicine.

To contact the CRT, email us at support@mediguard.org. The MediGuard staff will rapidly forward appropriate issues to the CRT.