Adarone (Amiodarone)


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I've had A-fib for many many years. Was on Toprol and did really well Then My Dr. took me off. Did well for a few years. Then the A-fib got bad again. The Cardiologist put me on Multaq which made me gain 7 pounds of weight in a week. My feet were three times their size. He then took me off Multaq and prescribed Amiodarone HCL. After reading all those warnings, I am really scared to start it. I'm 85, female, have Asthma & High BP.

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I don't have a-fib anymore. Maybe I should stop taking the medication.

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This 84 year old has been on amioderone since 2004 and has had some of the common side effects (thyroid and vision ) but it has stopped the a-fib completly.

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I have taken at least 200mg daily of Pacerone for many years and have had no adverse reactions. Just the has handled my atril fib fabulously!

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I am on 200 mg of AMIODARONE HCL. I have been on since August 2012 when I had Atrial Fibrillation in Hospital. To my knowledge since then no episodes noted but now have developed hypothyroid and shortness of breath 2 side effects from the medication what other medication can I take. I also take VERAPAMIL 180 mg both meds OD. What else can I take. I also have Hypertension, and Diabetes

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I have been taking 200mg of Amiodarone about two years for Afib.I had four heart bypasses at age 53 and stents at age 64. Recently I had strokes in both eyes, which is effecting my vision.My cardiologist and Neuro-ophthaumology doctors both agreed that this drug was at fault,and took me off this drug.I am now age 81 and at wits end as towhat to do.Neither doctor will commit themselves as to what relief that I can look forward to having. Any advise appreciated

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In March 2011 I had quadruple aterial transplant. After the surgery my heartbeat became unstable and I was prescribed amiodarone, 400mg daily. In October 2012 I had an eye appointment with VA because of decreasing eyesight that glasses could not correct. The problem was like cataracts. Since I had already had cataract surgery the eye doctors looked elsewhere and discovered that this drug was making deposits on my corneas and I am scheduled to have the deposits removed in January 2013..

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I have had for years an arrythmia with supra ventricular extras and
I received treatment with Amiodarone and had the same problem with corneal deposits.My Ophtalmologist told me the deposits will disapear after the amiodarone was discontinued of my treatmen and replaced with Droneradone but I never was told to have those deposits removed.
Are there removed surgically?
Allegedly the Droneradone dos not have this problem.

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V-Tach and many problems. Bad side effects.

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Following a double heart bypass and fitting of a dual probe pacemaker, A/F was a major issue in preventing the atrium PM lead from working. So I was relying on the ventricle for blood circualtion. Cardioversion with prescription of Amiodarone 18 months ago seems to have solved the problem and I can now walk up to 7 km a day.

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AMIODARONE is a fearsome miracle. I use it only when verapamil and metoprolol fail to prevent afib. I am in awe of this drug. I fear it only slightly less than what it treats. I use it two two three times annually for one to two days.

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I am on it fore life, It saved by life in the ER room. By def when off some 30 times until they gave me Amlodipine.

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I am a 66 year old male. I have a/fib and bouts with VT.
Had a IACD implant about four years and was put on amiodarone. Coincidentally about 15 days later suffered extreme vertigo with nausea and vomiting. Shortly thereafter hearing in my right ear was gone. Doctors did not believe this was ototoxicity caused by amiodarone. Have been able to resume rigorous swimming every other day for at least an hour with no adverse effects. No way I could have done this 4 years ago.


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