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I do not like the taste of calcium supplements

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Calcium supplements give me constipation

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I opened a new package of Caltrate 600-D Plus - - I attempted to swallow the first pill and I was unable to swallow it - I became sick from the smell of the pill and the size of it. I managed to cut it in half but I could not get it down my throat - - it would become stuck in the back of my throat - . What should I do for this medication - I do not want to try to take it again -.

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I understand just what you're saying because I take a calcium tablet everyday and they're huge. What I would suggest is if you have a small grinder perhaps you can grind it down and mix it in a fruit juice or something else that you like.I hope this idea can help you out.

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i have a hard time swallowing the large calcium pills...they gag me too. after consulting with my doctor, i have gone to the chewable calcium. check with your doctor and you will get some help in choosing. talk to your pharmacist also. tell them what you are taking and ask what else you might be able to take. i have great faith in our pharmacists.

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I have had problems with swallowing most calcium pills because they are so large. I now use NatureMade Calcium 500mg which is smaller than other brands and can swallow just fine.
Good luck

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i have gone to using the "chewable" "gummy" calcium. there are several good ones on the market. i too have difficulty swallowing those horse pills! breaking them in half was no help either. why can't they make this in an easier to swallow pill? vitamen d and daily vitamens come in small easy to swallow tablets. i wonder why the calcium can't!

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I have the same problem with some pills. What works for me is the one's I have a problem with I cut them in half and then I put butter around the pill so it goes down instead of sticking in my throat and nearly choking me to death. I also realized when I took a pill I would lean my head back to swallow it. I now keep my face forward like I would if I was eating. Hope this helps. and you and I are the same age. another 79 year old female.

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I take the calcium pill on a spoonful of applesauce. It slides down easily. I too could not swallow the calcium until a nurse in the rehab center where I was after hip surgery gave it to me that way. Hope this helps you.

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I have been on cozaar for about 5 years and my blood pressure has been fine. I had it check by by cardiologist two weeks ago.. I just went to a new internist and my pressure was high, she wants to check again in six weeks. Why was it high, when it has been ok since I am on the cozaar.

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Been taking Calcium on docs recommendation for years. NO ONE has ever told me to take it seperate from my multivitamin... This is the first I've known of this and I do regular research. Thank You.

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I also want to know if one shouldn''t take Calcium and multi vitamins at same time??

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i was never told that either....i found it in doing research. when i asked my doctor he told me that was correct, not to take it with the multi. he then also reccommended taking it with food for better absorption. why are these instructions not on the supplement labels?

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I take a calcium with magnesium=zinc capsule every day. It really helps me. I really like it for my legs.

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Earlier I read that Calcium should be taken with at least 4 hours separation between it and Levothyroxin. This isn't a problem. I take the Levothyroxin first thing in the morning, usually about 6 a.m., and the calcium with lunch, between noon and 1 p.m.. My care provider told me that calcium binds with just about everything, so care must be taken when using calcium.

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Due to a Vit. D deficiency of unknown origin and a high alkaline phosphotase level, my dr. put me on Calcitrol (a Vit. D supplement) and advised me to take a 500 mg Tums three times a day. I've been on the therapy for a month and have nothing to say I'm feeling better, but will request the alkaline phosphotase level be rechecked when I see her next month. I don't like having to time it so it doesn't interfere with my other medications, but I guess that's better than a bone fracture!

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Would the slow release citracal help you? I found it convenient to take it all at once and be done with it.

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I was placed on calcium 1200mg/vit D 400iu about 3 years ago due to a bone scan results and low blood calcium levels in my bones. Recently my doctor changed the amount of calcium I was taking to 600mg. She told me there's always a possiblity of developing kidney stones due to the high amount I was previously taking. Once I get my next bone scan I'll let everyone know how it is compared to the original scan.

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I am taking Citracal & D Slow Release 1200 as a supplement once a day. My bone density scans have been great for years. I checked with my doctor and pharmacist because of the warning on the box about slow release possibly interacting with other meds and because of MediGuard's warning of same. Both gentlemen assured me there is no problem with this product so I am satisfied with their answers.

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I take calcium with vitamin d3 and sertraline. Is it ok to take these two together? I have early menopause and the sertraline is 25mg and the calcium d3 1000mg

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I have been on Crestor for some time and did stop for a month and my cholesterol went up again. I then went back. I take it lunchtime as well as one of the calcium pills, which does not take away from the effect of the Crestor. I take another calcium dinnertime, which does not interfere with the baby aspirin which I take at bedtime. The Synthroid is taken in the morning several hours before I take a calcium pill so everything is working okay according to my blood tests.

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I have been on Crestor for 16 years with most satisfying results. My doctor has always advised taken it in the evening. As far as taking calcium, I take two 600 mg + Vit D a day, (but not together) always about 4 hrs from anything else. My information is that Calcium does interact with most other meds, especially prescriptions and aspirin. However, if your blood work is ok then your program is working for you. I'm your age (Male) and still play racquetball twice a week. Good Health To You!

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I had taken Crestor for years and my drug company suggested I switch to Simvastatin (40 mg) to save money. I checked with my heart doctor and he said ok and we'd do blood work in 6 months for results. The results were just as positive as Crestor and I am saving over $400/yr.

I was advised to take my cholesterol med. at night and I don't ever take Calcium at the same time as ANY prescription because of interference.

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Calcium carbonate is difficult for older folks to absorb and taking calcium does no good without magnesium, does it?

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I learned a long time ago to take calcium supplements to help me sleep during my cycles as I wold get horrible insomnia for a week. Now i'm older, my cycle is not an issue, however it still helps me sleep. I can tell when I've forgotten for a couple of days and the day I start up again, I sleep better, deeply and throught the night. For je it's better than a sleeping pill.

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I take propranolol 10mg. twice a day one in a.m.and one at lunch time.I am a 37 female with high blood pressure.I also take Caltrate. calcium and VitaminD 600mg.How far apart should I take the high blood pressure med.and calcium supplement?

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There is a minor drug interaction between propranolol and Caltrate+D listed in the MediGuard Drug Interaction System. Taking propranolol and Caltrate+D together at the same time may decrease the efficacy of propranolol. It is recommended to take these two medications at least 2 hours apart. If you have more concern about this interaction, please follow up with your doctor.

I was told by a nutritionist that you should take calcium alone and at least 1-2 hours before or after eating because it has a tendency to interfer with the absorption of other medication. Furthermore, calcium should not be taken with citrus fruit juices.

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I am taking Osmetec 40/25mg,in the morning, i was wondering how long does it take for these tablets work.

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Just as a general rule that I think works great for any medications and supplements. They should be taken at least 2 hours apart as medications a supplements should not be mixed.

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In October, I had cortisone injections for my spine. Then, in November, I had a reclast infusion. By December, all my joints were popping and still are. I counted 54 pops in different joints in 15 minutes. This is a typical all day long. Now, I have pain in my wrists and shoulders. What's up? Does anyone see a relationship here?

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I am taking levothyroxin first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. At lunchtime I take my first calcium pill and another at dinnertime. Is this enough time between the levothyroxin and the calcium? Also, I take magnesium to help prevent constipation. It seems to work.

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I also take levothyroxin. I was told to take it 1 to 2 hours before or after a meal and also at least 4 hours before or after taking my calcium supplement.

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It would appear you have sufficient time between your two meds. I have solved my timing by taking my levothyroxin during the night since I take conflicting meds morning and night. If you are up anyway, during the night is an easy solution.

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This makes sense. I take everything together it seems, including blood pressure meds & clonazepam, plus have chronic fatigue & Fibromyalgia, most recent concern - high blood pressure.
Dont really know what to do, except my Doctor only acted after I showed him alerts from MediGuard

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Does Calcium have any bad intraction with other medications? How much should I be taking? I currently take 1500ml/day.

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At age 52 I found out I have osteopenia and my MD told me take 1200 of calcium and 800 units of vitamin D. I got Caltrate and took one twice a day with food. After 2 days I got a headache that wouldn't go away for 4 days and then I started vomiting violently. Another thing was my muscles started twitching. I stopped taking them and all symptoms went away. Is there another form of calcium that is better tolerated?

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I, too, was diagnosed with the beginnings of osteopenia. My doctor has me on 1500mg of calcium a day. I found Natural Calcium Chews 500mg with vitamin D & K. The brand I buy is Spring Valley, it has 90 chews in the bag and comes in chocolate or caramel. I get it at Walmart. They have other brands but this one was cheaper. I've been taking these for two years and I haven't had any problems taking this brand like I do with other Calcium pills.

56 year old Female

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I take Atenolol and calcium. How many hours of separation should there be for each of them to be optimally effective?
66 year old female

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