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I took 2 Keflex yesterday (for strep infection on legs) -- during the night I got up & my legs were like limp noodles & hardly would support me, my balance was really weird, I almost fell over numerous times -- had to hold on to furniture & wall to get to the bathroom & back. Also found I couldn't urinate. In morning I woke up to extreme nausea, and terrible bloating -- pain around stomach in front & my back. Doc looked at numerous antibiotics & I will now try Clyndimicin - hope it works! Argh!

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I currently have neuropathy which includes burning in my toes, numbmess in my legs, numbness in my finger tips and hands and a serious problem with my equilibrium.I went to the emergency room for a deep cut on my leg and was given a prescription for cephalexin 500 mg. This was to be taken 4 times a day for 10 days.
After 2 days my neuropathy seemed to get worse especially with my equilibrium and my energy level was at an all time low.

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My child is ten years old, he is taking Cephalexin to treat throat infection, I think it is a good medicine but he is having stomach upsets. I would like to know if that could be a side effect of this medication. If the pain becomes serious of very frecuent, should I stop giving him the medication? Thank you

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Upset stomach is one of the common side effects of cephalexin. You can try having your child eat a little food or drink a little milk before taking the dose. If your child is still experiencing this side effect, or if it becomes severe, please follow up with the doctor.

Went to doctor for what appeared to be a boil developing, etc. Prescribed this medicine (500 mg) and only after taking it 2x, developed a lump in my throat/chest area and had a reaction to it. So called the office and they're taking me off of it. I had difficulty swallowing after the 2nd dose. I am a female - almost 62 yrs. of age.

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I see most are taking this for skin issues... i was just prescribed this for 10 days for a possible tooth infection... does that make sense ???

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I had a neurotoxic rxn to cephalexin in 2006 for an ear infection. Within 2 hours of taking it, I had terrible disorientation, agitation, vision abnormalities, trouble speaking, inability to do simple math problems (I was tutoring calculus), extreme sensitivity to light and noise. We thought I was just tired. The symptoms worsened for three days. I was taken off the med, but it took 2 years to recover fully. I learned that some people lack or have a faulty enzyme for cephalexin.

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I started this medication for skin infection on october. for 5 days. it didn't help me much and then my doctor prescribe me a cream and antibiotic cream and that didn't help. my doctor contact me today and said he will prescribe to me again to see if it will get better if not i will go back to see my doctor. I hate it. i wish it will go away soon.

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I used Lavender Oil on my skin infection to ease the itching and it worked.
I just put it on neat with a cotton swab and it helped heaps.

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DIARRHEA times ten. Couldn't leave home. Bad for a ''just in case'' you got an infection.

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First time I was prescribed this for a putative skin infection (I was actually misdiagnosed - my problem was a venomous spider bite, NOT a skin infection) I had a generalized allergic skin reaction of INTENSE itching all over my body and a diffuse red rash similar to sunburn. I had to scratch with a hairbrush - and get off this drug asap!

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I was also given this medication for an infection but after using it for three days I noticed little red dots all over my body and face and come to find out I had a major allergic reaction and had to be given a steroid shot and prednizone to clear up the red rash.

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I am taking this med, for a skin infecting,i do not known if it is gioing to work,I am getting some spots on my army red bumbes i will tell you all more when i get well.

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I recently had a bunionectomy, and my doctor prescribed this antibiotic to prevent bacterial infections as the bone heals. I've noticed that after a few days of taken this medication I developed a few small itchy red bumps on my legs and arms. This is not a serious condition just an allergic reaction that can annoy at times lol. My doctor tells me that is should go away a few days/weeks after I stop taken this medication.

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I have just started this drug so I will let you know

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I'm taking it right now for a skin rash and infection. I've taken it before for other ailments. I was told at this time, as in the past, that one side effect is that it can cause some diarrhea. So don't be alarmed if this does happen.

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Beware! If taken on an empty stomach, this medication may cause stomach upset. I'v noticeed the best thing for me, besides a small meal is a glass of milk (it does wonders).

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