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Regarding my use of Provera - I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in Nov. 2010; had lumpectomy surgery Jan. 2011. Since I took HRT for approximately 10 years (pills only-no injections) & birth control pills for several years before then, I believe the hormones were a big factor in my getting breast cancer.

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I have been on Depo for 9 years. I have very limited side effects, but have noticed more in the recent months. Certainly not unbearable though, compared to the pain that I had with my period which left me in bed for 2-3 days every month. I'll take the side effects for now - not so bad.

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I'm 53 years old and having irregular periods. I will skip a month or two and then have two heavy periods with large clots. I've lost so much blood I'm anemic. However, my last period was on schedule and normal (for me normal is 7 - 10 days). The doctor did an ultra sound & some blood work but in the mean time prescribed two cycles of Provera 10mg.
I'm to take 1 tablet daily for 15 days.
I'm nervous about starting this medication due to the warnings on the pamphlet about cancer.
What to do????

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In1982 I had superficial thrombosis phlebitis,and was told not to take Progesterone,recently i was found to have 2 polyps and one was slightly abnormal,although was told uterus was cancer free,I was prescribed by a new OBGYN, MEDROXYPROGESTERONE,she said I was okay to take this, as with this med,it was only if you had blood clots in genital area should you stay away from this med.I am taking but very nervous about it.

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I have been on Depo Provera since August 2006 and so far have had no ill effects. At first I had some side effects, tenderness in the breast area, slight weight gain, and mood swings, but those lasted for only the first week after the first two injections. Now, I have no residual effects and have no periods. I originally started it in order to better manage my cycles, since I used to be a 7-day heavy bleeder. Now, it feels great not to have a period, especially since I am blind and have no sense of smell.

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My daughter has had her first shot sfter her first pregnancy. She too has suffered cold sweats and headaches constantly. She seems to be stagnant about losing weight. People hav eeven commented that she seems pregnant again withthe bloating and mood swings. She is due fo rher second shot I am going ot tlak her into skipping this one see if her issues go away.

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kinda confusedd!!
i have been on the shot since august (total of 2 shots).
im due for my next shot in feb, but scared to get it.
i recently started having really bad knee pain && i have been having symptoms of being pregnant.
so im at a stand still as to get my shot next month.
any suggestions?
any will do.

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I have no major problems with the depo shot. At first i gained weight, but then my body seemed to adjust to everything and i lot most of the weight without trying. I now maintain it. I was going to go of the depo shot because of the weight gain. Something i wasn't used to. I have been on depo for a few years and have no regrets. I guess everybodies body is different and responds differently to all things. I do recommend the depo shot.

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I've been on Depo since Sept. 2008. I have two kids (one which was conceived while I was on Ortho-Tricycline Low). I'm 32 years old. After reviewing all the birth control options I decided Depo sounded like the easiest and best choice for my husband and I. The first shot was great. I was on my period but just an hour after getting the shot all the bleeding stopped. I felt great and only had some slight bleeding just before the next shot was due.

My second Depo shot went well. My period stopped completely. Maybe spotting once in a while but it was nice to not have a period.

My third shot was very painful. About 10 minutes after the shot I had shortness of breath and felt like I couldn't breath. My arm felt numb. Still no period which was great but started having symptoms of pregnancy close to getting my fourth shot. I felt horrible.

I went ahead and got the fourth shot after a pregnancy test was negative. I regret getting that last shot!!

Since getting my 4th shot at the end of July 2009 I've had every side effect you can think of. I have severe headaches almost every day. I feel fuzzy headed and dizzy. I don't sleep well and when I do I still feel exhausted. Always tired. Sick to my stomach in the mornings and afternoons and horrible heartburn at night. Slight spotting with very bad low back ache and cramping in my stomach. Low abdomen feels funny. Gassy, bloated, diarrhea off and on. Sore breasts. My husband even commented that they have gotten bigger. I honestly feel pregnant but I've always had my shots on time. I've read depo can have pregnancy like symptoms so I have to remind myself not to worry but I feel how I felt when I was pregnant with my son. There are so many side-effects I'm sure a forgot to mention some!

I no longer recommend depo to friends. I feel as though I have been poisened with a overdose of Depo. I'm trying to exercise more, take herbal supplements and drink 1-2 gallons of water a day to get this out of my system. Will have to find another form of birth control becuase this is aweful. I hate to see anyone else go through this.

If you research it on the web you'll find more people hate it than love it and some people have had life altering effects from Depo that will never go away. I wish I had researched it on the web. I went off the literature my doctor gave me. When I asked about side effects she told me that the drug company has to report any symptom mentioned during a drug trial, even if it's not related to the shot and assured me that the only thing I'd experience is lack of a period. She right until I was 6 months into getting the shot. It's almost as if there was already so much in my system that getting that 3rd shot poisoned me. Please be careful if you chose Depo!!

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I regret thinking that the side affects would not happen to me and not doing more research before getting the shot. I have been on the shot for less than a month now.I am experiencing the worst side effects. The evening time is the worst for me. Every night I have severe body aches and chills like I am coming down with the flu. I sometimes wake up freezing with night sweats and have a severe headache every day. I have major food cravings just as if i were pregnant and feel very depressed most all of the time. Im think that's all of them but even as I type this my head hurts so bad I cant think clearly. Please..if you are thinking about getting the depot the warnings and know that this can happen to you. I now have to wait another 3-4 months? for this to start getting better and I fear that it is going to get worse. Make sure you understand the risk before getting the depot shot before it is too late.

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i was getting every bad side affect i can think of. it took a whole year of me being off of it before i got my period back. i been off of it for like 5 years before i got pregnant. depr provera should not exist anymore and they should stop using it completely.

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I recently received my first depo shot, post ovulation, pre-menstruation-- i haven't gotten my period yet-- I've been regular for over a year now. My periods were very heavy and painful. I am not sure what to expect on my upcoming cycle that is scheduled to arrive in the next few days (I hope). Any advice?

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I took the depo shot for 1 year and then had to stop because I lost my job and my insurance. During the first few months I had constant break-through bleeding and then I had a terrifying experience where I had a period and I bleed through the tampon and overnight pad, I ruined our car seat because we were traveling. I had a trail of blood from the car to the motel room. I finally got a job and insurance and started talking the depo - generic brand I had nothing but problems. I had pain in my neck, knee and arms - xrays were done and they found nothing wrong. My hair came out and I had swelling in my feet that last 2 months and the doctors still don't know what happened, I also had elevated blood pressure and my heart would beat as if it was a car racing. I had to go through several tests on my heart and no one found any problems. My MD ordered to stop taking the generic depo. Its been two years and my body is still recovering. I still suffer with swelling. I take blood pressure medicine and fluid tablets.
I wish i had never taken this shot.

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I have been on Depo for about 11 years now. It was prescribed to me after a diagnosis if severe endometriosis. I love it!! I have not had a painful period since I got the injection. Other than the hot flashes, night sweats and weight gain (LOL) I have no complaints. I am a little concerned about having to go off of it when I decided to have kids (will the pain return and can a handle a period after not having one for soooo long). If anyone else thinks this or has experienced this please respond.

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Dear 30 year old female, I am more concerned with how long you've been on this shot! I was on the depo shot for 10 consecutive years and was diagnosed with Severe Osteoperosis. I am 45 years of age right now. There were NO warnings given to me at the time. Osteoperosis does not run in my family. I had a bone density test done a few years ago and the results where horrifying. Please, for your own health, have one done. My bones, are bones of a 90 year old woman. I broke a rib two years ago from a single hug. Thats right, a hug! On July 3rd of this year, I broke my hip. I now have three screws holding it together. now, my hip broke from losing my balance and falling over. this is NOT normal.

Just a piece of information I'm not suppose to share but I am so angered right now that I simply do not care! The drug manufacturer does know the dangers!! If they didn't, they would not be settling off claims. I was a client from a class action suit and the drug company paid a total amount of 5.5 million dollars!! my measly cut in my pocket after attorney fee's was a lousy 24K!!! If they did no harm, why pay us off. Easy answer there.. keep it out of court and no room to take off market. Some woman are breaking bones going up the stairs and not falling down them. again, I broke a hip from falling over!! no force what so ever. I am now laid up for a good few months. I simply can not believe this drug is allowed to be on the market and at the very least.. they should warn of the dangers. You MUST take calcium! you MUST have your bones checked from time to time as well. This drug strips you off all your calcium!! I am living proof it does and so are so many other YOUNG woman.

I at one time too was so happy with Depo-Provera.. no bleeding, no fuss... just one shot every three months. Sounds easy doesn't it! and when something sounds too good to be true.. its because it usually is!!! I hope anyone who reads this takes this very seriously.. my life is now short lived and my cut wasn't nearly what I'm suffering today!! My next letter is going out to the board of Medicine and anyone else who is willing to hear.. hard to believe this drug got passed the FDA!!! Very unsatisfied 45 year old!!

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There is a law suite with the Depo company, for exactly what happened to you. You should call a lawyer and add your name to the long list of other women that it has done the same thing to. I currently am going through the process. I luckly caught mine in the first stages and will be able, hopefully; to reverse the problem.

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If you still have medical insurance insist they do a bone density test. I am 32 and have been on Depo for 13 years with no problems till this January, I do not have medical anymore and get Depo through free clinic so I can not afford the test. I was not warned about the severe side effects of long term use of Depo (actually the studies do not even observe continuous use past 7 years but the people in those studies did lose bone marrow). Since January I started experiencing severe pain in my feet and lower legs. Arthritits runs in my family and my toes and joints are cramping and I feel this is from Depo. There is a lawsuit in Canada against Pfeizer but not in the US. Since I don't have medical proof I can not sue and also the lawyers are assuming that arthritis is a joint not a bone disease so I do not have more info for you but definatly check into bone marrow test. I am still on it because I love not having my period and I figure my body is already screwed, I am too scared to get off it because how my body might react. Keep me posted if you can on any probs, side effects you get. Thanks

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I have had blood work that keeps coming back with elevated levels of alk. phos. which my doctor says is generally caused by something to do with your bones or liver. I had a bone density scan and it came back normal to my relief, but my blood test keeps coming back with those elevated levels. I am schedules for a liver scan in a few weeks and hope it comes back normal. ----Keeping Fingers Crossed----.

There is a lawsuite in the US, a neighbor of mine just recently settled with the makers of the Depo shot for $40,000(+). She is the one who made me away that the Depo shot could cause bone deteration.

I stopped taking it, and it is something that I am going to have to keep an eye on until they figure out just exactly what is making those blood tests elevated.

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I have been on the depo shot for awhile. I use it for birth control because the patch, pill and the nova ring causes me to be sick and I didn't like the ring. The patch made me bleed all the time. I guess I am lucky because the only side effect on the shot is when I first het it I feel sick for about a half hour. I have no periods, I am so glad about that.

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I have been on the depo shot for over 15 years, only going off to have my second child. I love it! I get a shot every 12 weeks vs. 3 months. This works great for me as I have no period or spotting. I have no side affects with the shot. A few years ago I had my bone density checked, and everything was good. If you have a problem with poor bone density you should talk to your doctor.

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I just got a prescription for Provera today. I had to get off of the pill last year due to my liver having hematomas on it, and supposedly this was due to my prolonged use of birth control. So my periods have been from irregular to none at all, and when I would have one, they were awful gushers for 4-5 days, to where I was embarassed to leave the house. I have had a history of fibroid tumors, which I had most of them removed and endrometriosis carterized in 2003. I'm hoping this medicine will at least get me regular again and stop the gushers. Thanks for everyone's comments.

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I had all my female orgins removed by the time I was 34 years old. I started having severe head-aches when I was 56. I had a headache for a year. No matter what doctors tried or tested me for helped. I found a new doctor and he immediately had an MRI done on me. My purtoritory gland was enlarged. He put me on Medroxyprogesterone and the only headaches I get now are from allergies. It has helped me a lot.

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I am 34 started taking Medroxyprogesterone about a month ago because i was having heavy periods that were non stop with alot of clotting. I went to the ER they did an ultrasound test found nothing. I only had 10 days of medication at first by day 12. I was pouring, went to my gyn he wrote out another prescribtion for me of 10 mg BID. I have been on it for a month. I have not quit bleeding yet. I take it twice a day religiously. Though the bleeding is not as bad. My MD told me it would take up to 3 months before I will quit bleeding. I want to have children, though my MD said that want happen because of my hormones and i don't ovulate. I am having problems with urinating now. I dont know if it is a side effect or what but I get the urge to urinate often and it hurts when I do urinate.

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Like you, I also have been suffering with extremely heavy bleeding for the biggest part of 2 years now. Once I was finally lucky enough to find a very caring FEMALE DR. & FEMALE GYN. who discovered I had a cyst & a fibroid in my uterus. Both of which are very common. I was put on Provera 10mg.(one a day)and the bleeding stopped after a few days. The only time I have had the pain while urinating was when I had a urinary tract infection. (Cranberry juice is very helpful with that) Please try to get a second opinion or a new GYN., it worked for me & I hope it works for you too.

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I take Medroxy 12 days a month to regulate my periods. It took about 6 months before things got straightened out but it's working fine now. It sounds like you have a bladder infection as I have never experienced this problem w/Medroxy.

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FIND ANOTHER MEDICAL DOCTOR AND GET A Second opinion. I started taking medroxyprogesterone at 40 years old, 1st at 20 mg, then 10 mg, and now 5 mg. I am 50.
More then likely your doctor couldn't see anything with the ultrasound if you were bleeding heavy. You will have to have another one when not bleeding so much. I am surprised he/she didn't mention have a d & c to clear out problems, so you might be able to get pregnant. ** Are you on birth control of any type - this might help the bleeding too. *** The urination problem is probably a uniary tract infection on top of everything else. Go to the doctors about this, if this doesn't stop perhaps drink a gatorade daily to replace your electrolites - it is like pedialyte they give children. It will help hydrate you and keep you that way, and perhaps with the constant bleeding you are not hydrated enough.

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GET A 2ND OPINION FROM A DIFFERENT DOCTOR. When I was bleeding heavily my obgyn had me do an ultrasound too, but said they couldn't see anything & I would have to do another when I wasn't bleeding so much. I was put on medroxyprogesterone 20mg the last 10 days of the month and only 1, then later 10 mg, and now I am on 5 mg, but the last 10 days of the month only. I am surprised they didn't mention maybe needing a d & c.
The problem with urinating sounds like a urinary track infection. Go to a general doctor for this and get medication. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. Also, you might want to pick a flavor of gatorade, and drink a bottle a day, to replace your electrolytes-similar to pedialyte that they give children. This will help you stay hydrated even if your not exercising and that can be an important part of keeping your system running. Also try taking a multiple vitiamin, and probably 1500+ mg of calcium a day. Have your doctor check your iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium to make sure you are not depleting these precious vitamins with all this bleeding.
Good luck!

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Get to a GOOD OBGYN surgeon that deals with reproductive disorders. Your symptoms sound like what I dealt with from the time I was 19 until I was 26 and had exploritory surgery that revealed severe endometriosis and estrogen based cycsts and tumors on my organs - including my bladder. If you're haveing issues with urinating, don't play around. That IS NOT a side effect of ANY birth control.

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I have nothing but good things to say about Depo-Provera. I was originally placed on it because of side effects from Accutane. I have been on it ever since, rounding out 11 years. I did not gain any weight on it, as was originally a stated side effect. I had spotty menstrual cycles for the first two months, and have had amenorrhea ever since. (Just for clarification, I have not had a period since the initial spotting.) There are concerns with this medication causing problems with bone density, however I have had no problems with broken or weak bones. I have not had any pregnancy scares and would definitely recommend this method of birth control to anyone.

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I thought the exact same thing, loved it (still do), but in January I have had severe bone, joint pain in my legs back and shoulder. I am 32, 13years on Depo, I believe it caused me to get osteoarthritis but I do not have proof because I don't have medical insurance. I am still on it because I don't have my period either and love it, my body is already damaged. If you can definately get a bone density test. I had no side effects and since January my toes are shifting (cripling like arthritis does to joints). They are disputing my condition because their side effects are on bone marrow not arthritis. They say arthritis is a joint degeneration not bone (what are joints made of, duh). Good luck.

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i had the depo-provera injection for 2 years, i stopped having it fifteen months ago but only bleed for 2 days a month which isn't long enough for it to be a period. i have horr5ble side effects, for example, severe migraines, weight gain, sore breasts, mood swings when willall this stop? i want to get pregnant! Have i got any chance? lucy 24

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i was on the depo shot from the age sixteen in 2006 until oct 2008 almost two years. i got off and i started my period in late dec for 5 days and am on it now (Jan 6) question is since i started my period does tht mean i have a good chance of gettin pregant?

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hi there, i am 34 yrs. old and have been on the depo shot for ten years, since my youngest was born. I do not plan on having any more kids, i have no periods. my question is after being on it for ten years will it make me sterile forever?? If i stay on it until menopause and beyond, what health side affects will it cause me?? Will i even get menopause? please answer, thanks to u all!!

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I'm not sure if this is the answer you are wanting, but here is one. The doctor suggests that once you have been on Depo-Provera for 10 years, you should come off of it and try an alternate birth control method for about 2 or 3 months, and you can go back on Depo-Provera if you still want to. I'm not sure why they suggest this. I have been on it for 11 years, except for a 2 months portion where I did try the pill. I did get periods during that time, so I assume you could easily get pregnant. When I went back on the Depo-Provera I did not have "transition" spotting. My menstrual cycle just went away fully the first month.

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The first time I went on depo was right after I had my daughter who is now 6. I bled for 9 months straight! So I switched. A couple years later, we decided we wanted another baby, so I got off birth control altogether. I got pregnant twice and miscarried both times! We decided it just might not be the right time, so I decided to give depo another chance (I am horrible at taking pills) This time, I didn't bleed at all, for a year, and I gained weight (almost 10 pounds) Well I been off depo now for 5 months, I continued to not get my period for another 4 months, I have now had my period for over a month! My entire body is so jacked up! I am 28 and we are ready to try again for another baby. I can't believe that I went back on depo and am so scared of having another miscarriage!

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I would suggest seeing an Infertitly Dr. When you are on b/c for that long of a time, then sometimes it is a little harder to get pregnant. With bleeding for a whole month, i would go to my gyn and suggest they do a u/s of the vaginal are to see why you are bleeding for so long.

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I started using the depo-provera shot after I had my first child which took me three years to concieve. After having my daughter I went on the shot continously with no problems besides a small weight gain, which I got under control within a few months. Then I went off after 12 years to try to get pregnant, and was off for approxitmely one and a half months and was pregnant and I had a very healthy pregnancy. I have had no signifigant problems while taking this shot as a matter of fact I have no period, no cramps, or bloating assoiated with having a period and that for me is wonderful. The only concern is Bone Loss and I get priodic bone density scans , and if this becomes an issue I will weigh my options then. For me Depo-provera has been a wonderful birthcontrol method.

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