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Use Advil for wisdom teeth removal - surprisingly powerful.

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I am 75 yr. old woman - taking up to 15 or so pills, 200 mg. ibuprofen each.. I need it for stenosis pain in order to do my job - on feet 3 or 4 hours at a time. Pain is usually gone by next morning, after a good night's sleep. I am wondering if this amount is dangerous as I have heard about heart problems and strokes re ibuprofen.

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I have had three total knee replacements and rely on the 800 Ibuprofen for relief of pain and inflammation. It has now been over ten years that I take 800mg two to three times a day depending on the pain. I do take 300mg of prescription strength Zantac for my stomach. Also I make sure that I have food on my stomach when I take the Ibuprofen. Other than that no problems.

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does zoloft cause severe constipation?

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I had a shattered disc removed from the back of my neck C6-C7. After 3 weeks of being out of surgery I am back to work taking 3 to 4-600mg Ibpurofen a day for pain in spine area. Helps ease the pain so I can go back to my fast food job. I do have a restriction of 10 lbs. of lifting. THis medicine is not addictive and I can easily get off of it because of this. Am probably going to have to take this for at least 2 more months. Janice Williams, Tennessee

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I usually take 800mg of Ibuprofen whenever I overwork ( I have a ranch ) or get stressed out.I take it 2-3 x a day.Because of the stomach and heart risk I don't make it a habit only when necessary.It truly helps to let me get to sleep and rest.

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I have been using Motrin for many years and I have tried others and I have had no results with them, like Motrin. It has helped me with all kind of pain.

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I take 800 Milligram Motrin daily and it is the only thing that will make my pain managable/. I am 72 years old.

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800 mg of ibuprofen 2-3 x a day makes my pain manageable (generalized muscle/joint pain from unknown source, possibly autoimmune disorder) -- BUT it tears up my stomach so I am on three kinds of medicine for my stomach, as well!

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AND I do not recommend anyone take that dosage without talking to their dr. first.

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I have found Nurofen Migraine works well but it can lower the effectiveness of Lovan (Fluoxetine) if taken as directed on the box over a period of 24 hours

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Advil dose not touch my migraines, motran makes me feel numb ,excedieran migraine was the only one that worked after I had a hour of side effects such as hot flashes redness of the face chills like I have fever ,wanting to vomit but after that my migraine is gone , but they take it off the Shelf :( ,, what releaf is there ,,I get migraines at least 1 x a week, if I'm on my monthly it's 4 days in a row,, Doctors say take a advil or tylonal ,, druggies get pain help non druggies suffer,

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I currently take Motrin 800. This medication is totally ineffective for my pain. In order to get any type of relief I have to take motrin pm. This gives me some relief for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I have considered taking 2-3 of the 800 pills. But, I was told that it would having a serious effect on my liver. I no longer believe that doctors listen anymore. It's all about the money that they can get out of you along with the pharmaceutical companies.

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My boyfriend and myself been using Motrin 800mg for our back pain and knee. Thanks GOD we haven't had any problem with motrin.

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I have used 800-2400mg/day of ibruprofen for years in addition to the Fentanyl patch. (Ihave CFS and Fibro) With the exception of the patch nothing has ever worked better for pain. I have had no side effects though I am monitoring new articles abount potential gastrointestinal problems just to keep myself aware.

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i take motrin 800mg for arthritis and sinus headaches ..... it does the trick for me so why look for anything else.... getting a script for motrin is cheaper than over the counter meds if you have prescripttion insurance....

Saundra fromPa
64 yrsold

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