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I just started using the Oxytrol patch. It works wonderfully with no side effects. No more getting up three times in the night to urinate.

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I had to switch to Ditropan due to cost and coverage by insurance. I was previously on Detrol LA. The dry mouth and dental problems have been worse on the ditropan(oxybutynin) I cut my dose in half and have had less problems,but I MUST take the second dose of the day or I have leaks. Previously the dose that made me so dry would last me longer,which is why I thought two smaller doses would work for me. It did, but it's a pain in the neck to have to take two doses where there is a drug that is once a day(Detrol LA)

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I tried Detrol, enablex and Gelnique. none worked long term and the Gelnique especially gave me dry eyes and constipation. I finally went off Gelnique and the only problems I have are occasional dribbling if I dont go about every 2-3 hours.
71 yr old female

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I had taken Gelnique for several months and had extremely good results from the very first day of use. However, I developed an itching and red, bumpy rash which I could only associate with the med. I have since switched to a pill form, oxybutynin 5mg. It is not a effective as the Gelnique intotally eliminating the original symptoms but I have removed the rash and most of the itiching. Also the pill is the basic Gelnique and is vastly less expensive!

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I, too, used Gelnique with great results from the first day but I also developed the rash and itching. Switched to the Oxybutynin 5mg pill but did not help the rash or itching. However, if it will work for you the pill is much cheaper.

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I found dry mouth to be the worst side effect -resulting in some dental problems. I have recently found that rinsing my mouth with Biotene before bed has helped alleviate the dry mouth to some extent.

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Vesicare has replaced Ditropan. Vesicare seems to work better on me.

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I have taken Gelnique for a few years and worked well until recently -- I used on legs and got a bad rash. Then used on stomach and have an even worse rash: bumpy, itchy and red. Detrol never worked well before Gelnique. Doc talking about trying Toviaz now. Anyone know about it v. Gelnique?

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I've been taking Gelnique for a week- worked like a charm immediately. Dry mouth is bothersome, but humidifier, chewing gum and staying hydrated have helped. Suddenly I'm experiencing hoarseness and dry eyes (I wear contacts, so it's affecting my eyesight too, since tears are not washing away make-up sediment). Wondering if that is environmental allergies or if it could be related to this drug?

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I have been taking it for 6 years.(After prostate sugery and radiation) It helps control my leakage, but not stop it. I have very dry mouth when I wake up in the morning and sometimes during the day. I didn't realize it was probably from the Oxybutynin ER (10 mg.) I like this site very much, keep up the good work.

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has anyone suffered from extremely dry skin??

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when i say dry skin, i think i may have developed eczema since takin this drug?

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Go and get some Aveeno lotion. I get mine from the baby section because is cheaper there. My great granddaughter has used it since birth and she even goes and gets it now and puts it on. Her little skins cracks and bleeds and itches and hurts. I have really dry skin too. Aveeno works really well for both of us. She has eczema also and this helps her sooo much. Try it for yours

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I've been taking Oxybutynin for years, I too have dry, itchy skin and I've since developed eczema. Has anyone taking Vesicare or any of the "newer" drugs noticed the same side effects?

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Has anyone suffered ringing of the ears or ear noises - taking this drug??

62 – MediGuard

I had ringing in the ears with it. I also was sleeping 14 hours a day/night and became scarily forgetful. At the time it had been the best medicine I had taken for my IC, but the side effects outweighed the benefits for me. I now take Prelief and a probiotic that's for the urinary tract. Prelief is AMAZING and over the counter.

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I've just started to get the ringing in my ears. I was just weaned off of Lexapro & I thought that was why. Does the ringing go away?

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It may be the drug, but I have been told it won't go away. Sometimes it gets worse, sometimes better. I have just learned to live with it, BUT there is a website that says he can get rid of it. He did for him. I have my acid and ibs under control and I might try it. I have had the ringing for many many years, but still I can hear a pin drop across the room. Lucky I guess. Mine sounds like going under power supply lines.

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Has anyone experienced leg cramps (charlie horses) while using the gelnique? And is this safer than Toviaz. Thanks Sherry A.

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My doctor has advised me that I should stop taking the ditropan due to my glucoma. It is causing the pressure in my eyes to increase to dangerous levels.

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I am on Toporal, Omeprazole,Lipitor, Ditropan, an over the counter estragen pill and a vitamin. I was on Sanctura but now I'm off of that.For the last few months I have been experiencing forgetfullness and for the last week I am having headachs and now my blood pressure has went up to 129/78 which all of my life it's been 90/60. Can you give me any clue whats going on?

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I was prescribed all the "newer" drugs (Vesicare, Detrol & Enablex) for overactive bladder. Because of the cost of the name brand drugs, I asked my doctor to prescribe Ditropan XL for its generic brand of Oxybutynin. She was reluctant to prescribe this older Rx, saying she would not give to her elderly patients and mentioned something about dementia. I took for 3 months but started experiencing more than just common forgetfulness. Is anyone aware of this type of side effect?

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I would forget where I was driving to while on this drug. I forgot appointments. I even went to work one day with makeup on only one eye because I forgot to finish the job. I went off it and after a couple days I was back to normal. Yes, it worked on my bladder, but the side effects were terrible!

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I am a 60 year old paraplegic and have been taking Ditropan/oxybutinin chloride for 30 years. I have had absolutely no problems with it. Yes, I am 60 now and have some forgetfulness, but I don't believe it has anything to do with the medication. I believe if it were the medication, I would have experienced the forgetfulness years ago. Not the case!

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I am a 60 year old paraplegic and have been taking Ditropan/oxybutinin chloride for 30 years. I have had absolutely no problems with it. Yes, I am nearly 61 and have experienced some forgetfulness recently, but not in the past. I believe if it were caused by the Ditropan I would have experienced the forgetfulness years ago.

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I also had problems while on ditropan, specially with agitations and confusion. I felt I was in a fog and had problems making decisions or understanding what people where saying to me. I did not experience those while taking the Detrol LA but is very costly. Looking .for another medication.

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i have been on ditropan for almost 20 yrs now. i have trouble controlling when i go to the bathroom so my urologist put me on ditropan. it has been a great drug in helping me control my bladder. i take it twice a day and im fine. i dont have to run and find a bathroom when im out somewhere. this drug is awesome!!

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I found that by cutting the pill in half I had less dry mouth side effects. It does lessen the sudden bladder leaks that were my problem.

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I had been taking 30mg of this for the past 8-10 years, over the last 18 months I've been suffering with massive non-stop headaches, muscle weakness and fibromyaligia. I've had every test known to mankind ran on me and everything has turned out to be negative (which I'm very greatful). I started researching all of my meds and went off of Ditropan on 12/9. I haven't had a headache sense then. I'm done with it, I'd rather by "Depends" :)

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I take this for interstitial cystitis. It has been a G-d send for me. The times that I have been out and forgotten to take an extra pill with me, the pain has been excruciating. Within 20 minutes after taking it, I am able uncurl from the fetal position (yes, I am serious), and actually move without much pain. I have only forgotten twice. I will never do so again.

It works very well for what it does. DMSO treatments never worked for me. They just hurt.

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Since beginning this medication I have found it hard to swallow while eating. My throat is so dry, I must have a drink beside me in case food gets stuck in my throat. My Dr. did tell me about being careful in the heat because of not being able to sweat as I should.

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I've been using this drug for 16 years and did not realize the lack of sweating and red in the face may have been caused by that. aAso diabetic and thought it was one of the other meds. Doctor never thought it was serious enough to question further. Worked well but was still having urge problems for long drives and incontenience for only that issue. Recently switched to the OXYTrol patch but will probably go back. The adhesive is impossable to clean off and I feel the delivery is inconsistent.

59 year old female

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Has any one also tried DMSO treatments? I am also taking Ditropan XL 5mg 1 x day.

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