Orsythia (Levonorgestrel with Ethinylestradiol)


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34 – MediGuard

I tried Seasonique for 5 months and am dropping it finally. It made me very depressed, anxious, headaches, and I spotted and bled and cramped the entire time I was on it. I feel 5 months was long enough for my body to adjust. I had read it affects sex drive and no wonder. When you are bleeding on and off all the time and cramping it is terrible. My husband said it changed my personality and I agree. I would absolutely recommend even my worst enemy to avoid it.

38 – MediGuard

I have only taken Jolessa for 8 days, as of today, after taking Seasonique for 5+ years satisfactorily, (just because Jolessa doesn't cost me anything). However, I seem to be having some side effects (nausea, worsening & daily headaches, sleep disruption). I know these are common side effects that any BC pill can cause, but it's supposed to be similar to Seasonique. Is this normal to have these side effects and if so how long should I give it to see if they subside on their own?

37 – MediGuard

What the difference between seasonique and Sprintec. I'm being switched to Sprintec and seasonique has kept my periods controlled, is Sprintec
Going to be the same

33 – MediGuard

I have only been on Luthera 28's for a few months now... but there was three days that i didn't have any pills and well i was wondering what the risks are of me getting pregnant while i'm taking birth control now... then when i wasn't taking anything for almost 4years any have two miscarriages with my husband?

28 – MediGuard

continue... i'm just wondering because i've had tender breast and some mood swings lately... the side effects of this birth control are very alike to the other birth control i was on 4 1/2 yrs ago. i was wondering if i were to take a pregnancy test what the odds are of the test being accurate... cause i'm on birth control... sorry this is a weird comment but i don't really have anyone to talk to about birth control or anything...

28 – MediGuard

I've been taking Portia-28 for nearly a year now. I have noticed decreased depression before and during my periods, and that my periods are more regular and definitely less painful and lighter. I have been treated for endometriosis, including having the laproscopy. My periods went from soaking an overnight pad within one hour to being able to wear it for 3-4 hours. My pain went from bed-ridden from 3-5 days to bed ridden one or two days if that.

45 – MediGuard

I take Lybrel to treat endometriosis. I've been told that the only cure for endometriosis would be something that stop your period completely and it definitely seems to be helping. I have a lot less pain because of it.

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I was on Seasonale and used the generic form recently and have been on this medication for years. I have had no side effects. I took them because of hormonal migraines every month. Now I only get 4 migraines a year, and they are milder than before. I am able to function and have a life!

57 – MediGuard

i am a 39 yr old female i am taking the generic form of seasonal called quasense every day and ever since i had knee and peptic ulcer surgery the quasense is aggravating my stomach and i have been having feet problems on this medication what should i do since the generic quasense birth control pills are causing mobility and abdominal pains in my stomack


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The only thing that I can see Lybrel doing is mkaing me gain weight. I was 40 pounds lighter before I went on them. I know I can't blame it all on them, but I was fine before them. So I wonder if it's worth the weight gain. I may go off of them to see if it works.

58 – MediGuard

I have been on levora/lo-ovral for over 10 years and I love it. I started on it to reduce my heavy periods. My sister was on 2 pills a day for the same thing. I have no adverse side effects unless no period is a side effect. My doctor recently put me on it to where I take no placebo pills. He wants the same dose of hormones every day. I see where it can interact with many of the other prescriptions I'm on, but I have not noticed any side effects.

49 – MediGuard

My girlfriend is on this pill and has had extremely severe migraines. She was diagnosed with migraines at 10. She's now 18 and was typically having 2 migraines a year. Since she started the pill she's had 3 in a row one week and just recently endured another. She's been on the pill for 4 months now. Do you think the pill's to blame? And if so what other options do we have? Thank you.

28 – MediGuard

I have taken lybrel for over five years. I have been having menopausal symptoms for two to three years (hot flashes and night sweats). I have been having periods for the past two months even though I did not stop lybrel. Could this be related to menopause?

58 – MediGuard

I began taking birth control at 14 because my periods lasted 3 1/2 out of 4 weeks in a month. They never stopped and were very painful. I have been on Lybrel for almost 2 years and don't have a period anymore. I have no cramps, no period. It's amazing. And not having a menstrual cycle is not bad for the body. You don't HAVE to shed the lining. I tried B.C.s that supposedly regulated your cycle by having 3 weeks of pills and then the 1 week of sugar pills. My period would not regulate and it still wouldn't stop. I have been a migraine sufferer as well for many years. I just take some IBProfin800 when they happen and it will be okay. The only thing that worries me about Lybrel in my case is not knowing if you are pregnant. Because I don't have a period, I wouldn't know if I was pregnant since I don't miss a period.. But my periods were very irregular in the first place so I still wouldn't have known. I take a test every few months just to be sure. But I love Lybrel. It is the only thing that has worked for me!

28 – MediGuard

i was put on lo ovral over a year ago after trying 6 different birth controls to help regulate my periods and help with endometriosis pain. it has worked great but i suffer from severe migrain headaches and this birth control increases the risk of getting migraines. but i am on fioricette for these wretched migraines and it has helped me a lot.

27 – MediGuard

I am 44 and have been taking Lybrel for 6 months now. Because I am a migraine sufferer, and would get severe frequent headaches on my week off a regular birth control pill, my doctor believes that taking a continuous pill will help me. So far I am still getting headaches but they are not as severe. My headaches don't have a specific calender pattern anymore. Up to 5 months of being on Lybrel, I was getting breakthrough bleeding. I just saw my doctor about this problem and she recommended I take progesterone as a supplement for 3 weeks to stop the excess bleeding. She believed that Lybrel wasn't strong enough for me, but encouraged me to continue it claiming that I have come this far with it and that my period should stop soon. It's been 6 months and I just have slight spotting going on. I am hoping that when I stop taking the progesterone (one more week) that I will not go back to the breakthrough bleeding problems I was having. I had no other noticeable side affects with Lybrel.

53 – MediGuard

I have been on this birth control between my pregnancies to aid in relieving pain from endometriosis and ovarian cysts for the past 5 years. I swear buy this pill. Have not had any side effects or concerns.

32 – MediGuard

I have taken Lybrel for about 6 months now. I take it to slow down my heavy periods. It is supposed to eventually stop them all together.
So far it has taken away my periods mostly and I just have a little bit once in awhile. I am so happy. No side effects either.

58 – MediGuard

I went back on the pill after having severe headaches (migraines) and rupturing cysts that caused gush bleeding. Later I found out it was PCOS. I missed 2 months and had to drop out of graduate school for a semester until I could build back up my levels of Estrogen which supress my severe migraine headaches (not neurological) that were caused by the PCOS. When I was in my 20s I was on triphasil (name brand) and lost weight and it cleared up my acne. This brand was the only one that prevented temporary (1 week long due to the mini pills) pregnancies (3 of them) which were hard on my body and emotionally due to the hormonal changes. Makes PMS weight gain come back off and helps me with my PCOS as well.

50 – MediGuard

Does birth control increase you risk for breast and/or cervical cancers?

53 – MediGuard

I've wondered if it may be the cause for some mood swings as well? I thought birth control pills like these were supposed to help Guard against that...I'm confused! I'm taking it for Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease (graduated from Endometriosis). Not sure that it's really helping me.

40 – MediGuard

I was given a warning on my profile that said Using Lybrel and Nasacort AQ together may increase the risk of serious infection. As a result, the use of these drugs together is normally avoided. What kind of infection and should I be worried?

40 – MediGuard

I have Von Willebrand's and before Levora my periods lasted 7-8 days and were heavy. My periods while taking Levora last only 3-4 days and are light. I did notice my cycle was more like 32 days not 28. I have recently stopped taking it because I want to get pregnant. My periods off Levora have returned to being long and heavy. Besides a decrease in my libido I never noticed any other side effects.

40 – MediGuard

Had a lot of breakthrough bleeding for the first couple months, but that went away. Periods are much lighter and less painful. I still feel crummy during the week I go off the pill, but at least that is only 4 times a year. Skin has also cleared up.

54 – MediGuard

I have been taking Lybrel for about a year now and I really love it. I haven't really had any break through bleeding and I don't have a period at all. I haven't had any side effects to it either. I highly recommend this birth control.

36 – MediGuard

I've been taking Seasonale for probably close to two years now, and I'm planning to switch to a different pill due to various unpleasant side effects. Until I have another doctor's appointment, I have been taking my Seasonale like a regular birth control pill -- three weeks of pills, and then a week off. am also taking an oral antibiotic (Tetracycline) for acne.I was wondering about the contraceptive effectiveness of this method. I've been wondering about this for awhile, but I wasn't sure who to ask. I'd appreciate any information you could provide. Does this method compromise Seasonale's ability to prevent pregnancy?

31 – MediGuard

as far as i know it is risky to take antibiotics while on any kind of birth control. i am not sure why exactly but it does lower the effectiveness of your birth control. as long as you use another method to prevent pregnancy, like using a condom, you should be alright.

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