Tessalon Perle (Benzonatate)


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I have coughing spells due to adult-onset tree allergies, and this works GREAT. I use it in the spring, just until the oak and elm trees in my yard stop pollinating.

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Amazing this worked so fast for these two other people. I've had three doses so far and just had a coughing spell so bad I was choking. It lasted for about 10 mins, but I've had no side affects. 63 yr old female

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i to grew up with bronchitus and now asthma, about a month ago my doctor heard my cough and gave me a prescription, yes it was amazing the cough dimished amazingly.i felt better had one refill and she doesn't seem to want to give me another is there a time limit on how long you can take the benzonatate have really improved on it and i am sure going to miss it.(ran out for 3 days waiting for refill really noticed the difference) thanks 70 yr old female

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This was a life-saver for me when I had bronchitis that led to (apparently?) adult-onset asthma for which I'm now on Advair, etc.
I was prescribed this (also called Tussalon pearls) in conjunction with an Albuterol inhaler. It was wonderful for being able to breathe, and the night I had these was the first I could breathe.
I think the body eventually gets used to it, and normally I might take doses closer together, but I would not mess with that w/this, as you could depress lung function. You may feel a weird, but in some ways kind of cool sensation in your upper bronchial area when you first swallow it.
Now I only take it when I really really need it (though I wish I could take it more because I miss its relief) because I think my body is used to it a little.
It is supposed to work anywhere from 3-8 hours in someone, and there's really no way to know how long it will work in you, so they can't prescribe you to take it any more frequently than 8 hours. I have had no side effects that I am aware of.

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